We take great pride in our ability to deliver outstanding results. And our satisfied home buyers and sellers can attest to that. That’s what makes us more than just another real estate agency.

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Lincoln Brown

Realty Specialist

Many people in my stage of life are thinking of retiring and contemplating ways to check off remaining items on their bucket list, however I like to believe that I have a different approach. The incredible joys of life and the devastation of loss have created within me resolve and tenacity that compels me to do more than just check items off a list. My current world-view has evolved over time as a result of the many life experiences I have had up to this point. Meeting my incredible wife in Stillwater. Some of these events include being married for more than thirty-two years to a incredible girl I met while attending Oklahoma State University in the college town of Stillwater. Together we have three wonderful children and five grandchildren. Unfortunately, my wife’s twin sister died of liver disease at the age of forty-five which left us to care for three children whom we now consider ours as well. Caring for someone with liver failure and surviving in a hospice certainly has a way of adjusting one’s perspective. I was employee number ten for a company that I helped grow to over five hundred within a span of twenty-two years. Throughout my career, I have personally conceptualized, founded, and grown several successful businesses and survived one very painful business failure. Our initial reason for beginning a career in real estate was because we (my wife and I) didn’t feel we were well represented by a realtor during one particular transaction. There were several aspects of the transaction that were not adequately explained, and there were items that proved very costly to us in the following years that were not mentioned at all by our realtor. A founder member of the McGraw Home Team I was a founding member of the McGraw Home Team in Tulsa, and we were one of the top producing teams in the area. Our radio spots were commonly on stations like KRMG, and several others in the Cox family of stations. My tagline was” The wise don’t hesitate to invest in real estate”, and team phone number was 698-SOLD. With our team doing well, I decided to learn the commercial real estate aspect of the business. I left the residential team in the capable hands of my good friend, John Call, and joined the local NAI Commercial Real Estate Company. The goal all along was to eventually bring commercial real estate back to the McGraw team. The team at NAI included some of the leading commercial realtors anywhere in the world. While there I learned the nuances of multi-family, industrial, retail, office, and property management categories within the context of commercial real estate. Eventually, my wife and I began investing in properties as well and we continue that, as well as our personal property management today. Many of our investor clients have purchased numerous properties with us, and without exception, every property to date, has turned a profit for our investor clients. Joining a forward-thinking team When Dannielle and I discussed her plans to open a brokerage, it quickly became apparent that I wanted to be a part of what she was doing. Even though I am the old guy here, I would describe our unique services as being very similar to the Starbucks of real estate. Our forward thinking group has incorporated some of the latest technologies found anywhere in our industry. In the years to come, I predict what we today will soon become the new standard for real estate service. My role here at the Dannielle Sprik Realty Group is as the managing broker. As the old guy here, I attempt to help our group learn from some of my many mistakes, with the hopes of not having to learn everything the hard way; which was the only way it seems I learned. In addition to just working with our team, I also teach real estate courses at the Tulsa Tech. Because of my Business Administration Undergrad Degree, I strongly considered pursuing either an MBA or a Masters in Entrepreneurship in order to continue my practice of being a life-long learner. After careful examination of the curriculum, I determined that while both were worthy endeavors, I could benefit more from gaining a broader perspective and learning more about the actual people we work with and serve. As a result, my educational pursuits have included a Masters in Human Development and Family Science. This program allowed me to acquire new knowledge, particularly by becoming a critical consumer of research, in statistics, and in research methods as they pertain to real people. As passion for entrepreneurship The popularity surrounding the words entrepreneur and entrepreneurship have increased dramatically during my life. I remember my fifth grade teacher in elementary school who first inspired creativity and problem solving in me. She saw something unique and encouraged me to think about challenges and solutions differently. We did not have a name for it then, but looking back I believe she sparked a fire that now could be described as entrepreneurial thought. She also taught us about our country’s forefathers. They must have possessed this same attribute because they hoped for a future that could only be imagined. Something entirely new was created because they risked everything to pursue a solution to the problems they faced. This entrepreneurial fire still burns within me with only a slight modification; it now compels me to creatively inspire new thought and action in others. During the last year, I began work on a PhD in Entrepreneurship. The program is at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and has proven to be both challenging and inspiring. What I like best is thinking about things in new and non-conventional ways. One thing about life is certain and that is that things change. No one knows exactly what will happen with our real estate market, or our economy. However, one more thing is also certain, and that is that those who survive and thrive are the ones willing to adapt and change. While my educational pursuits could be a cause of concern for some, my focus instead is on personal growth and organization learning so that we never allow ourselves or our company to be unresponsive to the changing needs and circumstances that we all will face. I assure you, our pursuits to provide our clients and friends with the very latest in technology and service will not end. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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We take great pride in our ability to deliver outstanding results. And our satisfied home buyers and sellers can attest to that. That’s what makes us more than just another real estate agency. It means we not only have the expertise to see your purchase or sale through from start to finish, we’re here for you from then on for any needs that might arise. It’s an ongoing commitment to excellence that delivers maximum peace of mind.