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Published | Written by Megan Thomas

Stepping into the buyer’s shoes

Have you ever gone over to a friend’s or coworker’s house for the first time and as you walk around you learn a little (or a lot) more about that person? You probably see photos of their family hanging on their walls, maybe you meet a couple of their furry friends, you notice their design taste or you’re aware of the clutter and piles of paper on their desk. You probably leave their home feeling that you know that person better than you had before.

One’s home speaks quite a bit about who they are - their habits, values and lifestyle. One’s home is incredibly personal because they choose how to use the space provided as well as everything that lives inside the house. Although a personalized home is completely normal, it’s not always helpful to the homes selling process. Pictures of loved ones, clutter on the corner desk of an office and children’s toys piled in a bucket in the living room can distract buyers from seeing the qualities and features of the house. This is where home staging comes in - the purpose of home staging is to help buyers visualize themselves living in your house. For more reasons on why home staging is beneficial, check out Top 6 Reasons to Stage Your Home.

The questions, the answers

If you are a home seller, you may be asking yourself “should I stage my house?” In this day n’ age, the answer to that question is usually always “yes”. Therefore, questions like “How much staging does my home need? and “Should I DIY or hire a home staging professional?” are oftentimes questions sellers are really needing to answer for themselves.

To help answer these questions, here are a couple steps I recommend you take:

Seeking advice

There are many factors that contribute to whether or not you should hire a staging company or instead stage your home yourself. Since the method of home staging is unique to each person and their current circumstances, I recommend you give one of our expert Housed Real Estate agents a call to talk through the best option for your home staging.

Making a decision

Staging Company - You may be asking yourself, “what do staging companies have to offer?” To help answer those questions, I recommend you read through The Case for Hiring a Home Stager When You’re Selling. If you want to know how much it will cost to hire a staging company, I recommend you take a look at this article: How Much Does Home Staging Cost—and How Much Will You Gain?


DIY - Regardless of whether you hire a staging company or if you DIY, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and get started on Home Staging in 10 Steps – The Ultimate Guide – most of these tips are essential to the process of home selling. If you are wanting a step by step guide to home staging, The Ultimate Staging Guide Checklist may be beneficial to you. 81 Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love breaks down home staging room by room, this article is great for anyone looking for tips for specific spaces in your home.



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