Stories of our client's successes!

    We used Danielle first as our agent when we purchased our new home in mid-town. It was a new build and she walked us through the process at every step. She was our go-between with the builder and was very patient with our many calls and texts at all hours! We had lots of questions and she was always very professional and thorough.Everyone on her Welcome Home Team was so nice and knowledgeable. We also used Danielle to list our old home. She got the listing up very quickly and the pictures of our home were so professionally done and beautiful. We would absolutely recommend Danielle to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
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    Bret & Mary Spears

    The thing that we liked most about working with Danielle is the way that she made us feel comfortable and welcomed us into the process. She made us feel like a friend and helped us accomplish our goals.

    William & Stacey Moore

    Danielle was very helpful because she listened to what I was looking for specifically. Danielle’s customer service is outstanding - not only is she easy to talk to and professional, but she gets back to me in a timely manner and is very accessible! She gets the job done in many ways.I’d highly recommend Danielle.
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    Jeff Long

    I knew the level of integrity that Danielle carries and the kind person that she is. I chose her for that reason initially, and I’m so glad I did. She helped me find a lender, she helped me with the paperwork, she had the best interest at heart from the very beginning,and she waked me all of the way through until the very end.
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    Fabjana Guri

    Most realtors that we’ve met in the past have just been over-the-top pushy. She was there to more answer any questions, like basic questions about the home. She was very caring. The main thing that we like about working with Danielle is that she cares.

    Tyler & Stacy Pruitt

    Danielle was very professional. And that is pretty important to me. Professionalism, being on time, doing what you say you’re going to do are key when you’re buying a home. They took time out of their days, even on the weekends, even on Sundays, and helped me out. I would highly recommend them.

    Casey Wright

    Danielle is really a go-getter. She is very focused, sincere, and personal. She wanted to know about us, she wanted to have a relationship with us, not just someone that was going to do a deal. She thought that was going to help her get what we wanted. She’s out for your best interest!

    Laura & Mike Daniel

    Danielle was great! She always answered the phone and I felt like we were her only client. She answered every question. She made everything seem simple. I didn’t have to think about anything, she took care of everything. I think of her more as a friend than a realtor.

    JR and Christi W Willeby

    One of the things that I liked the most about Danielle was her attention to detail - how she helped me stage my home and get inspections. I think what she does differently is that she really cares, and that comes across. She’s really there to hold your hand and walk you through the process.

    Joyce Boyer

    The thing that really impressed me was that she was very good at following up on everything that she said, she did everything tat she promised to do. I actually loved working with Danielle! She’s fun, she has a lot of energy and a lot of knowledge. She was very patient with us so she made the homebuying experience enjoyable.
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    Katherine & Godwin Darko

    Danielle is very good to work with. Really easy going, not pushy at all. She is very active as an agent. She really impressed me most because she is a very hard worker, very dedicated to what she does. I really feel that she enjoys what she does.

    Mike Fitter

    Tom and I are so pleased that we have had the opportunity to work with you. The experience has been like working with the perfect realtor who found the perfect buyer for Millie’s house and property. I feel like I was guided to find you. This feeling is one I have experienced several times in my life and I am thankful for each event.You have helped make this Thanksgiving holiday a special time of thankfulness.
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    Claudette Smith